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Communicating with Grammar
SPEAQ-RASCALS Colloquium Delivered June 2014

TESL Ontario Delivered October 2013

Canadian Film in the ESL Classroom
TESL Ontario Delivered November 2012

Toronto District School Board Delivered November 2012

Canadian Music in the ESL Classroom
TESL Ottawa Delivered February 2013

TESL North York Delivered April 2012

TESL Niagara Delivered March 2011

CALL (The College Association of Language and Literacy) Delivered May 2011

TESL Ontario Delivered October 2011

Canadian Literature in the ESL Classroom
TESL Ottawa Delivered October 2008

Faculty Cyber Connections
(Online course delivered to professors at six colleges in Eastern Ontario)
Seek and You Shall Find: Helping Your Students Maximize Their Online Research Skills
Delivered September 2009 and September 2010

TESL Ontario
Using Collocations to Solve Lexical Problems in Language Learning
Delivered November 2008

La Cité collégiale Professional Development Workshops
Turn Your Classnotes into a Textbook
Delivered May 2010

Trapping Information; Automatizing Web Research
Delivered May 2010

Web 2.0 Technologies in the ESL Classroom
Delivered October 2009

Diversity Consciousness for College Instructors
Delivered May 2007