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Paperback 184 pp.
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Publication date:
January 2011

Imprint: Oxford University Press Canada

Integrated Skills through Canadian Music

Culture Links is a multi-level, communicative, integrated, Canadian ESL series using films, songs and history as vehicles of second language learning.
As the second book in the Culture Link series, O Canada brings the joy of music to high intermediate and advanced level ESL classrooms through ten of the greatest Canadian songs of all time.
Canadian songs are used as motivating and emotive springboards to expose the students to a variety of current, interesting and controversial topics in several disciplines such as law, ecology, psychology, economy, sports, sociology, and neurobiology.
Most of the exercises focus on language use and communication in all four skill areas by concentrating on the topics themselves, much the same way students would in a regular academic program in any of these disciplines.
Each chapter contains the following sections:
Self test to whet the learners’ curiosity and introduce them to the chapter’s topic 
Song background information to introduce learners to the context of the song while urging them to use academic study skills such as paraphrasing, summarizing, note taking, mind mapping, and interviewing
The Song used to improve all skills through a variety of creative activities. This section also addresses linguistic and literary techniques that higher level students often find tough to handle such as colloquialism, homonyms, simile, rhyme, irony, and symbolism.
Grammar dealing with advanced level structures in the song such as different types of clauses, active and passive voice, gerunds and infinitives through practical usage-oriented exercises that deal with the theme of the chapter.
Creative Writing encouraging students to use the song as an inspiration to create their own short literary pieces through controlled and manageable exercises
Assignment to give students the chance to find and explore similar songs through research at home or in their lab time
Listening clips taken from both old and recent CBC programs and podcasts such as Quirks and Quarks, The Link and Sounds like Canada.
Reading passages expanding the themes of the song in a more academic context. Students are encouraged to analyze contrasting viewpoints, apply theory to practice, draw plans based on written instructions, etc
Parts of Speech exercises in the form of famous quotations about the theme of the chapter to learn words as part of a family rather than an isolated lexical item
Speaking exercises based on functions such as arguing, complaining, and negotiating in line with the theme of the chapter
Idioms and fixed expressions related to the theme
Culture notes exploring the theme in terms of its Canadian implications encouraging critical thinking about how different cultures deal with concepts such as heroism, religion, poverty, humour, etc.
Academic Writing through essay and letter writing exercises.
The book is designed to make the laborious task of learning a second language a bit easier and more accessible by making it more fun. Please feel free to keep it so by going through the activities and picking and choosing the exercises that work best in the context of your classroom.
O Canada is complemented by a workbook, audio CDs, a teacher’s book and answer keys.